SkyTech Solutions was founded in September 2013 to meet the needs of SMBs (Small and Mid-Sized Businesses), with the belief that the trend of offshore outsourcing should not only benefit Fortune 1000 companies, but all businesses that aspire to become more competitive in their respective industries. We set out to create a business model that, for the first time, made outsourcing affordable to businesses of any size, and we have successfully done just that. Today, we provide offshore outsourcing services, from our delivery centers around the globe. Our facilities feature an on-site management team working during the night i.e. US daytime, fully redundant voice and data links to the US, enterprise grade network infrastructure, redundant generator sets, and all of the features of any large provider without the large cost-structures. Our service-offerings comprise end-to-end customer management solutions, including an array of call-center and back-office support services. We help businesses deliver superior customer experience, improve customer loyalty, drive incremental revenue growth, maximize operational and organizational efficiency, and save operating costs, by managing services on their behalf.
As the world evolves digitally while making trade more convenient both locally as well as internationally, our mission is to streamline business processes that will further reduce the cost of operation. We don't just intend to sell but also work on nurturing a long-term commitment with our clientele and prospects alike. Our end goal still remains the same, i.e., maximizing sales for our clients by adopting fair practices and preserving their goodwill at the same time.
Being the nation's very first BPO and telemarketing company, our purpose is to deliver impeccable customer service worldwide. As businesses like the Amazon and Alibaba continue to get acquire more customers, chances are that their customers too are opting for reliability, and that's where we envision ourselves to represent your brand on the phone as well as chat service. Allow us to anticipate the genuine needs of your customers so you're able to deliver exactly what they desire.

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Skytech Solutions LLC has been operating in the telemarketing and BPO industry for more than ten years now. Our customer service representatives are thoroughly trained for handling both outbound as well as inbound calls including live chat support for assisting your customers. While competing in the business process outsourcing and services, we now have offices in the USA, France and the UK in addition to Bangladesh. The level of fame we have acquired over the years is also due to a handful of talented tele-salesmen or customer support ready to skyrocket your business!

We are dedicated to ensuring quality services
We are flexible, transparent, and feasible
We deliver more than just call center services
We deliver the right marketing pitch on the phone

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